1 What is Geomembrane?

Geomembrane is made of high-density polyethylene material, which has good impermeability, ductility, corrosion resistance, and other properties. The thicker the geomembrane, the higher its strength, elongation, and other indicators, and of course, the higher the price, so when choosing the right thickness of geomembrane according to the project, you can save money while playing the effect. Mainly used in landfills, sewage waste treatment, water conservancy, agriculture, transportation, high-speed rail, tunnels, airports, airports, buildings, landscaping, and other anti-seepage lining projects.

2. What is geomembrane lining?

Composite geomembrane is an impermeable material composited with geotextile fabric and geomembrane liner. It is mainly used for seepage prevention, tensile resistance, tear resistance, bursting resistance, and other physical and mechanical performance indicators, which can meet the requirements of water conservancy, municipal and construction, Transportation, subway, tunnel, and other civil engineering needs. Because of its choice of polymer materials and the addition of anti-aging agents in the production process, it can be used in unconventional temperature environments。


Geomembrane is a waterproof barrier-type material based on high molecular polymers.

Mainly divided into low-density polyethylene  LDPE geomembrane, high-density polyethylene HDPE geomembrane, and EVA geomembrane.
1. Complete width and thickness specifications.
2. It has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance and excellent chemical corrosion resistance.
3. Excellent chemical resistance.
4. It has a larger operating temperature range and a longer service life.
5. Used in landfills, tailings storage sites, channel seepage prevention, dam seepage prevention, and subway engineering, etc.



1, Environmental protection, sanitation (landfill impermeability and leachate collection isolation filtration system, sewage treatment pond impermeability and soft foundation reinforcement, power plant regulating pond impermeability, industrial cesspool impermeability, chemical cesspool impermeability, hospital hazardous solid waste landfill impermeability and geotechnical reinforcement, artificial wetland impermeability, sewage purification treatment system impermeable membrane, isolation, reverse filtration, etc.)

2, Water conservancy projects (artificial lake seepage control, artificial river seepage control, geomembrane HDPE geomembrane for reservoir basin seepage control and dam seepage control and plugging, aqueduct seepage control, water diversion culvert seepage control, slope protection; geotextile for dam base reinforcement, drainage board for groundwater diversion, conductive drainage pressure reduction, etc.)

3, municipal building construction drainage tunnel drainage anti-filtration, underground construction drainage pressure reduction, waterproof blanket, bentonite waterproof blanket building basement seepage control and artificial river seepage control, HDPE impermeable membrane planting roof seepage control, subway tunnel seepage control, roof garden seepage control, and resistance to plant root penetration damage, high-grade plant and warehouse ground seepage and moisture, sewage pipeline anti-corrosion lining; external water diversion pressure reduction and external drainage, soft soil foundation reinforcement and drainage and other types of seepage control projects

4、Garden landscape and greening projects (artificial lake seepage control, artificial lake barge foundation reinforcement, water, and air conduction, artificial wetland seepage control, river seepage control, slope stabilization, dam strengthening, reservoir seepage control, golf course artificial lake seepage control, depression greening transformation, saline and gravel land greening planting layer transformation, mountain slope reinforcement, green lawn water, and moisture control, etc.)

5, Petrochemical systems (chemical cesspool impermeability, refinery cesspool impermeability, tank foundation impermeability, gas station storage tank impermeability, and refinery oil pool impermeability, chemical reaction pool impermeability, sedimentation impermeability, pool dyeing cesspool impermeability isolation, electroplating pickling pool impermeability anti-corrosion, pipelining, etc.)

6, mining industry (washing pond impermeable, heap leach pond impermeable, ash heap impermeable, dissolution pond impermeable, sedimentation pond impermeable, tailings heap impermeable, sewage storage pond impermeable, etc.)

7, Road traffic facilities geogrid highway foundation reinforcement, geogrid slope protection, drainage board, geotextile slope lining wall back groundwater infiltration and pressure reduction, drainage board high-speed road surface rainwater diversion to prevent tires and groundwater floating system, the inside of the mountainside of the road rainwater ditch impermeable infiltration; railroad roadbed enhancement, ballast below the impermeable infiltration reinforcement, culvert and tunnel impermeable reinforcement groundwater infiltration and circuit moisture protection)

8, Agriculture (reservoir impermeability, drinking water pool impermeability, reservoir impermeability, waste residue treatment field impermeability; diversion irrigation system impermeability)

9, HDPE impermeable membrane, HDPE geomembrane, aquaculture (intensive breeding pond impermeability, factory breeding pond impermeability, fish pond impermeability, high-level shrimp pond impermeability, sea cucumber ring slope protection, breeding diversion channel impermeability, captive enclosure of crawling fish, etc.)

10, Salt industry (salt crystallization pond impermeable isolation, brine pool impermeable, sun salt film – salt pond cover isolation to speed up the evaporation of water, accelerate the rate of crystallization of brine to increase the unit salt production, salt pond plastic thatch film)


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