Although customers currently use polyester silk geotextiles are all a few layers, there is one thing we need to understand, that is, clear geotextiles core features are still the inner layer of plastic film. Today there are many types of geotextiles, and different geotextiles also have their own production process. The road surface is still because the data information is different, so the geotextile is a different feature. According to the solid layer compressive strength of polyester silk geotextile, can get the ranking of geotextile raw materials, but this does not mean that a is good, the following aspects are not used. Each geotextile has its own application area and is more suitable in the main application areas of such geotextiles.

Geotextiles that are not suitable for the needs of the market are not possible, and it is because of that one element that the majority of geotextiles that we see today appear in the use of their own projects.


Contemporary education analytical chemistry is carried out so that many materials we are into the trend of organic chemical materials, we are now the inner membrane of geotextile is also, this kind of technical materials are not treated as a kind of daily life materials just according to a key information transfer of the collective name or perhaps said into human materials. This kind of learning and training material information content can be customized according to our needs, in response to the high work strength requirements of the site we can create a molecular structure in the middle of the interaction force is very large material, the compressive strength of this kind of classroom teaching material is very high, other also because of this.

The inner raw material of geotextile selects the reliability of the overall characteristics of geotextile for engineering projects, the application place of geotextile, and the use time of its other surface raw materials. It can be seen that even a simple geotextile has many secrets.

How to choose geotextiles?

  • The first point is to do a good job of selecting the quality of polyester silk geotextile, manufacturing enterprises manufacturers operating on a large scale polyester silk geotextile manufacturers generally everyone’s daily life quality clearance, is the method or to site research and investigation under the better, can ensure that their own hearts.
  • The second point, polyester silk geotextile price is in accordance with the company’s different requirements specifications models different development trend provisions to confirm, the higher the total weight of the enterprise area, the higher the price, naturally we are also to ensure the quality of goods under the standard, select the sales market price is cheap, that can save the cost of capital construction projects fees.
  • The third point is to clarify which enterprise to buy. We need to pay attention to the content of the agreement. You need to pay attention to the words such as quality and price are not in line with the initial selection.

Geotextile laying should be carried out in strict accordance with the actual operating conditions and standards. When we have to weld the geotextile, the welded surface needs to be dry and cleaned up in order to better ensure the quality of the welding. In the whole process of welding, we all choices the high-frequency heat sealing double sealability hummer. And according to the thinness of the welding film and natural environmental climate conditions, adjust the ambient temperature and efficiency of the welding machine to carry out experimental welding, no leakage, false seeming welding, coke welding.