There are various classifications of geotextiles, short filament geotextiles, and long filament geotextiles are two kinds of geotextiles, many people may not know about them, the following is to introduce us to the difference between short-filament geotextile and long-filament geotextile and short-filament geotextile and long-filament geotextile.

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1 Introduction of short-filament geotextile and long-filament geotextile

1) Short filament geotextile

Short-sighted geotextile is a kind of fabric for staggered weaving and industrial use, which is made of polyester curly staple fibers with fiber degree of 6-12 denier and length of 54-64mm as raw materials. The types of short-sighted geotextiles can be further divided into woven geotextiles, woven geotextiles, burnt wool geotextiles, non-woven geotextiles, and staple geotextiles geotextile’s use can be compatible, but there is a suitable one.


2) Long filament Geotextile

Filament geotextile is a polyester filament needle-punched non-woven geotextile, which contains no chemical additives does not pass heat treatment and is an environmentally friendly construction material. It can replace traditional engineering materials and construction methods, is safer in construction, contributes to environmental protection, and can solve the basic problems in engineering construction more economically and effectively.

short-filament geotextile

2 Difference between short-filament geotextiles and long-filament geotextiles

1、In appearance

In appearance, long silk geotextile and short silk geotextile are easy to distinguish, the surface fiber of long silk geotextile is longer and the color is much whiter than short silk geotextile; short silk geotextile surface fiber filament is shorter and the color is darker related to long silk geotextile.

2、On the material

Long silk geotextile is customarily made of polyester fiber spunbond needle punching nonwoven fabric, compared to short silk geotextile, the same specifications of the strength, elongation, top breaking and other parameters are better than short silk geotextile; short silk geotextile is customarily made of polyester or polypropylene short fiber needle punching solidification, the same specifications compared to long silk geotextile slightly distance.

3、In use

Long silk geotextile is thicker, can leave a three-dimensional void rate, and is conducive to some in the hydraulic function to complete. The long-filament geotextile is better than the polyester staple geotextile in terms of puncture resistance. The same unit area quality of polyester filament geotextile than polyester staple fiber geotextile creep resistance.

Short filament geotextile has very good force, so many projects have a certain use, but many people do not know is that short filament geotextile when first used, many times will leave a certain hidden trouble, but later through continuous research, this aspect of the shortcomings was weakened a lot.

3 The role of short-filament geotextile in the project

1, reinforcement, reinforcement: reinforcement is generally divided into macro reinforcement and micro reinforcement, and the reinforcement of geotextile belongs to the field of macro reinforcement, short filament geotextile although also has a reinforcing function due to the mechanical function of the goal being relatively small, so for reinforcement has certain limitations.

2, filtration and drainage: short filament geotextile in the filtration and drainage is mainly to replace the traditional material gravel layer, geotextile drainage and geotextile thickness is proportional to the connection, generally speaking, the thicker the thickness, then the geotextile drainage ability is better.

3, barrier: short filament geotextile can separate two materials with different grain sizes to ensure the stability of the structure, but the load that short filament geotextile can accept as a barrier layer cannot be too large.

4, protection: short silk geotextile is still used in more protection projects, such as protection on the slope, urban greening, to prevent the occurrence of road cracks, etc.

4 Proposals for the development of short filament geotextiles

Compared with long-filament geotextiles, short-filament geotextiles have considerable limitations in function, and it seems as if short-filament geotextiles are likely to be replaced in the near future, so there are several propositions to mention here about the development of short-filament geotextiles.

1, Strengthen the production and manufacture of skills and equipment to improve the production of short filament geotextiles

For short-filament geotextiles, the low production efficiency is equivalent to the high cost of production, and this cost mainly refers to the time cost and labor cost.

2, strengthen the development of new products, improve the product function of short-filament geotextiles

Short-filament geotextile is not used as much as long-filament geotextile, a big reason is the lack of function, there are great limitations in the use, so we should try to improve the function of short-filament geotextile, expand the use of short-filament geotextile scale.