Non-woven geotextile everyone also called geotextile, is made of man-made fibers according to the introduction or hand-knitting and made of absorbent geotechnical test textile raw materials, it is a new type of construction engineering construction construction construction decoration materials and not what fabric. Because its total output is like cloth, generally the total width is in the middle of 4 to 6 meters, and the length is in the middle of 50 to 100 meters. So its name with the word “cloth”

 Non-woven geotextiles are more commonly used in the sales market because of the high quality of their goods themselves with the efficacy of over-consideration, safety precautions, and structural reinforcement safety protection for engineering projects. Its advantages are not limited to this kind, non-woven geotextile is good permeability, heat-resistant in addition to frost-resistant. Due to the current air pollution problem, the current precipitation needs how much money will lead to some leaching efficacy, so the non-woven geotextile corrosion resistance is also quite good

What is the effectiveness of non-woven geotextiles in specific applications? What are the effects of non-woven geotextiles in the geological structure of landscaping to show its advantages? How are they used in practice?.

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1 Advantage of geotextiles

1. Over consideration

When the water is introduced by the wash material soil layer hierarchy of granular material soil layer hierarchy, the use of the introduction of non-woven geotextile high-quality permeability can and water absorption, so that the flowing water according to, and reasonable interception of soil inhalable granular material, fines, stones, etc., that can maintain the reliability of soil and water engineering projects.

2. Drainage pipe

Non-woven geotextile is a high-quality water-conducting raw material, which can lead to a safe channel for drainage pipes within the sandy soil, and will keep the unnecessary liquid and acetylene gas outside the body of sandy soil structure.

3. Tendon plate

It can improve the compressive strength and change expertise of sandy soil, and therefore improve the reliability of building structure to a certain extent.



4. Safety protection

When the flowing water eliminates to the sandy soil, the non-woven geotextile can reasonably diffuse the centralized stress field outside, transmit or dissolve, avoiding the sandy soil to be destroyed by the external force, thus having the efficacy of maintaining the soil layer in a hierarchical and graded manner.

5. Safety precautions

It is possible to carry out safety precautions for building construction projects with different chemical properties (e.g., different diameter and type of chemical substances, different relative densities, etc.) and building construction projects. It is possible to maintain the overall structure and function of raw materials more strongly by not mixing two or various kinds of raw materials together. The technical expertise of the building load-bearing technology is improved.

2 Application of geotextiles


Precisely because of this advantage of non-woven geotextile, so it is in the water conservancy and hydropower engineering project construction project engineering project, ground, engineering construction, and other infrastructure construction capital infrastructure project capital construction project infrastructure project new project engineering project all is a common application. For example, it can be used in the traffic route surface engineering project fascia, ground maintenance, fitness sports fitness club, the safety protection of the river mention, water conservancy and hydropower engineering project construction project safety prevention, Sui Dong, coastal area beach land, polder, ecological protection ecological environmental protection green ecological environmental protection, and other engineering projects. In our country’s infrastructure construction infrastructure projects new projects not only in the Asian region, but looking around the world is also very good, so it can be seen that we attach great importance to infrastructure construction infrastructure projects new projects, so we are on infrastructure construction infrastructure projects new projects funds management is also very big, and non-woven geotextiles are commonly used in this kind of industry, so it is not easy to predict the need for non-woven geotextiles is also more.