What are the areas where geomembranes are used? Real-life case study: 2021Guanshan Lake Composite Geomembrane Exclusive Acclaimed Case!

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1. What is a composite geomembrane?

Composite geomembrane is a combination of geomembrane and geotextile fabric made according to certain requirements. The geomembrane can be divided into one fabric and one membrane and two fabrics and one membrane according to the structure. The geotextile fabric in the composite geomembrane plays a protective role for the membrane, which can improve the tensile strength and puncture strength of the geomembrane and increase the friction coefficient between the geomembrane and other geotechnical materials. Therefore, the geomembranes used in engineering are mostly composite geomembranes.

Composite geomembranes are widely used in channel seepage control projects. Geosynthetic materials in civil engineering, especially in flood control and rescue projects in a large number of applications and their effectiveness, have attracted the attention of the majority of engineers and technicians. For the application technology of geotextile materials, ** from seepage control, back filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, and other aspects, put forward the normative technical requirements, greatly accelerated the pace of promotion and application of new materials. The material is widely used in the irrigation channel impermeability project, combined with construction practice, the application of composite geomembrane technology.

2. What are the advantages of the Guanshan Lake composite geomembrane?

The benefit of using composite geomembranes is to protect the soil and plants from direct contact with rainwater if used in water conservancy projects, mainly for isolation and direct contact with water bodies, the role of flood control. The new composite geomembranes sold in the market have significantly improved from performance to longevity.

Composite Geomembrane
Composite Geomembrane

3. Guanshan Lake Composite Geomembrane Exclusive Acclaimed Case

1) Construction matters

  1. The use shall be buried: the cover thickness should not be less than 30cm.
  2. Refurbishment of the impermeable system should be bedding layer, impermeable layer, transition layer, protective layer composition.
  3.  The soil should be solid to avoid uneven sinkage and cracks, and the turf and roots within the impermeable range should be removed. Lay sand or clay with a small particle size as a protective layer on the contact surface with the membrane.
  4. When laying the geomembrane, do not pull too tightly, both ends buried in the soil part into corrugated better, especially when anchored with rigid materials, should leave a certain amount of expansion.
  5. construction should avoid stones, heavy objects directly on the geomembrane, ** good side construction, while laying the membrane, while covering the protective layer.

2) Features

  1. width of 6 meters, domestic ** wide composite membrane.
  2. high puncture resistance strength, high friction coefficient.
  3. good aging resistance and a wide range of adapting to environmental temperature
  4. excellent drainage resistance.
  5.  Suitable for water conservancy, chemical industry, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel, garbage disposal site, and other projects.