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1. Geogrid can keep very good tension and elongation in dry and wet condition because of using plastic fiber.

2. Geocell can be preserved for a long time in different acidity and alkalinity of soil and water.

3.Good water permeability There are voids between the fibers, so there is good water permeability.

4.Good anti-microbial property It is not damaged by microorganisms and insects.

5.Construction is convenient, because the material is light and soft, so it is convenient to transport, laying and construction.

6.Full specifications: width up to 9 meters. Unit area quality: 100~1000g/m²

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Engineering Case
Upgrade and reinforcement of steel-plastic geogrid for highway

Description: The paving surface of the steel-plastic geogrid should be relatively flat. After the paving layer has passed the experience, in order to prevent longitudinal skew phenomenon, first draw a white line or hanging line on the paving layer according to the width, and then start paving. Fix the ends of the geogrid with iron nails (8 nails per meter width, fixed at a uniform distance). After fixing the ends of the geogrid, use a paving machine to slowly pull the geogrid forward. Manually tighten and straighten the 10-meter length until one roll of geocell is finished, and then another roll. The operation is the same as before. After the roll is finished, use a 6T-10T roller to roll from the starting point to the forward direction. Press it once, (such as laying on the middle layer and leveling layer, use steel roller rollers; geogrid directly on the concrete pavement, using rubber roller rollers is appropriate) Splicing: roll length The unit is used as the length of the section to be paved. After the section length where the geogrid should be paved is filled, the paving quality is checked as a whole, and then the next section is paved. When the next section is paved, the geogrid and the geogrid You can use the lap length of 10-15CM, fix it with iron nails or wooden wedges, and continue to lay the second section in the forward direction, and so on, the operation requirements are the same as before.

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Environmentally friendly

We are very concerned about the geocell of materials, the environmental protection function of geogrid cannot be ignored. This is why we have been in this business for so many years.


Our geogrid has been tested by safety standards and meets the specifications required by customers. We cooperated with many big companies around the world. The geotextile used for road construction can not be degraded for more than 50 years. A high-quality geocell can ensure the high-quality completion of the project.


We have a professional and experienced sales team for all of our clients. The after-sale service will also help you to solve the problem when you get the geotextile fabrics from us. Orders will be signed with a formal contract in an agreed clause.

Rich experience

We have rich experience in bidding for foreign projects and can provide reasonable quotations and competitive samples for selection. Meanwhile, we have the experience of exporting to more than 50 countries around the world, which can meet the requirements of geotextiles in various countries.


We regard quality as a premium important issue, but at the same time, we also take care of your cost, we buy martial directly from the best factory, keep a very low margin as our growing capital, and make the better price so that we can growing together.

Factory Direct

We are a real manufacturer in China and can support the competitive price for you. Kindly feel free to contact our team and let us know your requirements for your project.

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About Us

Geotextile manufacturer--Geocloths has more than 39 years of experience in developing and manufacturing products for the international market. Geotextile is considered a mark of quality and reliability. It is produced through strict quality control procedures and is supported by independent testing, ISO certification, and process audits, reliable documentation, and extensive project and data records.

From the acquisition of geotextile material to the production and delivery of the final product, the components will be thoroughly inspected, the production process will be monitored, the documentation is consistent, and the storage and handling will follow strict rules to ensure the integrity of the materials.

Mainly Produces
The company mainly produces various specifications, geotextile, composite geomembrane, geogrid, HDPE geomembrane, weed mat, geotextile bag, road fabric, woven landscape fabric, etc.,

Production Lines
The company has advanced two production lines for the non-woven equipment is 6.6 meters, 6.6 meters composite membrane equipment, each a film equipment, blow molding machine, bentonite waterproof blanket equipment each a number, warp knitting machine, wire drawing machines.

Widely Used
Our company’s products have been widely used in roads and railways, bridges, tunnels, libraries, canal water conservancy anti-seepage, reclamation of leveling, landfill, mining area, and many other industries, salt industry, chemical industry, agriculture, and fisheries. In each big field of engineering, construction has stood the test of various engineering conditions, obtained satisfactory results of engineering, won the customer consistent high praise.

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