1 What is warp knitted polyester geogrid?

Polyester warp-knitted polyester geogrid is made of high-strength polyester industrial filament, warp-knitted directional woven grid blank fabric, and processed into geogrid by PVC coating. It is used in soft ground treatment and reinforcement of road base and embankment to improve the quality and reduce the cost of the project.


  1. Has extremely high tensile strength
  2. The elongation is small
  3. Corrosion resistance and aging resistance
  4. It has a strong bite force with the base material
  5. Lightweight and drainage function


  1. Warp knitted polyester geogrid is used for reinforcement of soft soil roadbeds of highways, railroads, municipal roads, etc. It can effectively improve the strength of roadbeds and delay the reflection crack of the road.
  2. Woven polyester geogrid is used for reinforcement and isolation of dikes and rivers in water conservancy projects, to strengthen the soft soil foundation, enhance its protection capacity and improve the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation.
  3. Woven polyester geogrid is used for reinforcement of road embankment slope, reinforcement of retaining wall to enhance the overall strength, reinforcement of soft soil foundation of the highway, railroad, water conservancy, etc.
  4. Woven polyester geogrid is used for railroad slag protection: due to train vibration and wind and rain, causing slag loss, using geogrid to wrap the slag to prevent slag loss and improve the stability of the roadbed.
  5. Warp-knitted polyester geogrid for railroad retaining wall: geogrid is used to enhance the retaining wall on the railroad side, such as the platform and freight platform in the railroad station, which can extend the service life and reduce the maintenance cost.
  6. Warp-knitted polyester geogrid for reinforced retaining walls: geogrid is added to retaining walls beside highways and vertical retaining walls, which can improve the bearing capacity of retaining walls.
  7. The foundation of the bridge deck is generally easy to sink down and appear jumping phenomenon, laying geogrid under the foundation of the bridge deck can improve the bearing capacity and stabilize the bridge deck.

Specifications and parameters

Item\SpecificationPET-25-25PET-30-30PET-40-40 PET-50-50PET-80-80PET-80-50PET-100-100
Elongation% in10%10%10%10%10%10%10%
Strength (KN/m)Vertical253040508080100
Surface treatmentPVC impregnation
Width (m)1 – 61 – 61 – 61 – 61 – 61 – 61 – 6
Grid (mm)25.4×25.425.4×25.425.4×25.425.4×25.425.4×25.425.4×25.425.4×25.4
Corrosion resistanceExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent

warp knitted polyester geogrid
warp knitted polyester geogrid

2 Application of railway warp knitted polyester geogrid

A railroad embankment is a structure that carries and transmits the gravity of the track and the powerful effect of the train. It is the foundation of the track and is an important structure to ensure the operation of trains. An embankment is an earth and stone structure located in a variety of landforms, geological, hydrological, and climatic environments. It is sometimes subject to various hazards, such as floods, mudslides, landslides, and earthquakes. In order to strengthen the railroad roadbed, geogrid fabric has been widely used in road and railroad roadbed construction and has achieved good results.

  1. The commonly used geogrid structure for railroad roadbed reinforcement is bi-directional tensile plastic geogrid and polyester geogrid. These two materials have the characteristics of high tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, easy construction, aging resistance, resistance to cement, soil, and broken materials. Warp-knitted polyester geogrid fabric is suitable for reinforcement of various embankments and roadbeds, slope protection, cave wall reinforcement, foundation reinforcement of large airports, parking lots, dockyards, etc. It can also be used for the reinforcement of railroads, highways, and roads. Aircraft runways and coal mines, metallurgy, water conservancy projects, etc. are widely used.
  2. Reinforcement of iron roadbed. Geogrid fabrics are used to reinforce railroad roadbeds. Combining composite material and road material together, can effectively distribute the load, prevent road loss and roadbed deformation, improve roadbed stability and withstand the greater variable load.
  3. Railway track slag protection. Due to train vibration, wind, and rain, etc., it leads to the loss of road slag. It uses geosynthetic material wrapping to prevent the loss of ballast and improve the stability of the roadbed.
  4. Railway retaining wall. Geogrid fabrics are used to reinforce retaining walls on the sides of railroads. For example, platforms and freight platforms in railway stations can extend their service life and reduce maintenance costs.
  5. Railway slope protection. Geogrid is used for slope protection on both sides of the railroad to prevent stones and fine soil from sliding down, improve the service life of the railroad and reduce maintenance costs.
warp knitted polyester geogrid


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